About Us

The Bushe-Marshak Institute aims to support the development of a theory base for how to create great teams and organizations that are good for people, performance and the planet. For over 15 years Gervase and Bob have been studying a range of change leadership practices that have a shared basis in applying new social science principles about the socially constructed nature of human relations, and applying the complexity science principles of self-organization and emergence.

They’ve concluded that it’s not the technique or method that matters, but the mindset of the people using the method that matters. Dialogic OD is the label they use for gathering together those mindsets, principles, and theories of action that make change leaders able to engage the people who will have to change in processes that produce transformational change.

Bob and Gervase are interested in discovering, and bringing to a wider audience, new practices and new practitioners who are evolving our understanding of how Dialogic OD methods work, and the theories of action that make them work. If that sounds like you, please write to us!

Please look around our website – there are many useful things to discover including free downloads of award-winning articles and a link to the ground-breaking textbook: Dialogical Organization Development: The Theory and Practice of Transformational Change.

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