Links to videos on Dialogic OD

Dialogic Team Coaching – Ben Bratt

1 minute animation: What is Dialogic OD

25 minute video describing the theory of Dialogic OD by Gervase Bushe

Gervase on Generative Leadership and Generative Change (20 mins)

Conditions for Generative Change with Gervase Bushe (9 mins)

13 minute video describing the evolution of OD and emergence of Dialogic OD by Bob Marshak

Bob Marshak & Gervase Bushe’s opening presentation on Dialogic OD (40 minute video)

55 minute video on leading transformational change by Gervase Bushe

16 minute edited version on Generative Leadership

9 minute excerpt on Generative Images

Edgar Schein’s opening remarks for Dialogic OD Conference (12 min video)

11 short videos of Gervase discussing Dialogic OD, interviewed by Bernd Schmid

1 hour video on Dialogic OD from a European perspective, by Michael Roehrig