The Team Discovered

This hopeful, poignant, and deeply insightful book brings the wisdom of Dialogic OD and the heritage of Diagnostic OD into an expansive view of how to best support teams in a world of immense diversity and attention poverty. Bennett Bratt offers a new approach to team development that meets today’s teams where they live: in a complex world with intense demands and precious little time. This book challenges widely used approaches to team development that utilize data showing a gap between current and desirable team performance. Most methods presume some kind of evaluative comparison is helpful: comparison to other groups, comparison to large data sets, comparison to best practices, comparison to a theoretical ideal.  Instead, Ben explains why a dialogic approach to the use of questionnaire data is better at helping teams author their own narrative of effectiveness, one they will own and live into. While showing how to make data useful, Bratt persuasively argues that comparison is at best, a distraction and at worst, debilitating.

The book illustrates how to bring the mindsets and tools of Dialogic OD to team coaching through an extended case example.  Join a pair of OD practitioners, Ava and Orlando, as they learn about the unique facets of the client team and its VP leader Juliette. On the heels of recent significant changes, including a reorganization, the team and leader discover their unique path to greater effectiveness using Dialogic OD mindsets and tools customized in a team coaching setting.

Part exploration of the Dialogic OD mindset and part illustrative story, this book brings empathy not only to the impossibly difficult circumstances teams and their leaders all too often find themselves in, but also to the OD practitioners who enter into their dynamic world with their own narratives of what “good” means. Join them as they negotiate towards solutions with the greatest possible utility and take up the mindset and tools that bring Dialogic OD to life in the world of teams.


Part 1: Context and Concepts

  1. Diving In
  2. The Underpinnings of a Mindset
  3. Defining Teams and Comparing Mindsets
  4. A Case for the Dialogic Path Forward

Part 2: Dialogic Team Coaching in Action

  1. Entry and Contracting
  2. Discovery
  3. Mining, Focusing and Owning
  4. Pragmatic Improvements
  5. Exit

Conclusion and Implications

Watch a 12 minute video with Ben discussing the book

About the Author

Bennett Bratt MA

Bennett Bratt is CEO and Founder of The Team Effectiveness Project, LLC. Previously he was VP of HR at T-Mobile USA leading the Talent and Organization Capability function, and he has had various leadership and internal roles at Sun Microsystems, Volkswagen of America, and Ford Motor Company.

His Team Elements™ framework and coaching methodology have helped hundreds of teams and leaders de-mystify and re-envision their team experience, take ownership for their path forward, and ensure that each diverse voice is included in the process. His clients range from the C-Suites of Fortune 100 corporations to teams of all varieties in nonprofits, governments, and higher education institutions.

He earned BA and MA degrees in Political Science (Calvin College and Tulane University, respectively) and an MA in Counseling from Michigan State University. He resides near Seattle, WA. Reach out to him at