The BMI series in Dialogic OD, inspired by the original Addison-Wesley Series in OD, is a series of short, 100 page volumes written by experienced Dialogic OD practitioners. Edited by Gervase Bushe and Bob Marshak, each narrowly focuses on one specific aspect of Dialogic OD practice and provides consultants with tested, practical models and processes, along with case examples to make the models come alive.

We are always interested in new volumes for our series. If you think you might have a book for our series please contact one of the editors.

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Dialogic OD textbook

The seminal text published in 2015 by Berrett-Koehler: Dialogic Organization Development: The Theory and Practice of Transformational Change

Praise for Dialogic Process Consulting

Dr. Matt Minahan

President, Board Chair and Member, OD Network, 2009-2016. Co-editor, Handbook for Strategic HR

Three things make this book magic: It is a real applied handbook for how to consult from the Dialogic frame, and nobody knows this better than Marshak. It is the perfect blend of theory and action. And, it contains several great stories of Bob’s consulting, which by themselves are worth the price of the book.
Dr. Sandra Janoff

Director, Future Search Network and Co-author, Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There.

This book is a practical guide in the art of listening truly well, the beauty of linking unconscious processes to conscious awareness with insight and respect, and the belief that learning and acting together is something we can, and must, do. It is a feast of insights topped with great case examples!

Praise for The Dynamics of Generative Change

Dr. William Pasmore

Professor of Practice, Columbia University and SVP, Center for Creative Leadership

Human systems are full of energy that can power change or create resistance. In this beautifully- detailed account, Bushe helps the reader understand how generative change works like ju-jitsu; rather than fighting against existing natural energy for change, it focuses and amplifies it. Read this and you’ll never try forcing change from the top-down or outside-in again.
Dr. Andrew Day

Former Head of Ashridge Consulting; Partner, Metalogue and author, Disruption, Change and Transformation in Organisations

I was able to take away plenty of practical insights that I have applied to good effect in my client work. I would recommend this book to experienced practitioners, or those are starting out, who are interested in the rapidly developing practice of Dialogic OD.

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