The BMI series in Dialogic OD, inspired by the original Addison-Wesley Series in OD, provides short, 100 page volumes written by experienced change leaders using Dialogic OD principles. Edited by Gervase Bushe and Bob Marshak, each narrowly focuses on one specific aspect of Dialogic OD practice and provides tested, practical models and processes, along with case examples to make the models come alive. Beginning in 2020, we expect to publish 2-4 new books each year.

We are always interested in new volumes for our series. If you think you might have a book for our series please contact one of the editors.

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Dialogic OD textbook

The seminal text published in 2015 by Berrett-Koehler: Dialogic Organization Development: The Theory and Practice of Transformational Change

Praise for Dialogic Process Consulting

Dr. Matt Minahan

President, Board Chair and Member, OD Network, 2009-2016. Co-editor, Handbook for Strategic HR

Three things make this book magic: It is a real applied handbook for how to consult from the Dialogic frame, and nobody knows this better than Marshak. It is the perfect blend of theory and action. And, it contains several great stories of Bob’s consulting, which by themselves are worth the price of the book.
Dr. Sandra Janoff

Director, Future Search Network and Co-author, Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There.

This book is a practical guide in the art of listening truly well, the beauty of linking unconscious processes to conscious awareness with insight and respect, and the belief that learning and acting together is something we can, and must, do. It is a feast of insights topped with great case examples!

Praise for The Dynamics of Generative Change

Dr. William Pasmore

Professor of Practice, Columbia University and SVP, Center for Creative Leadership

Human systems are full of energy that can power change or create resistance. In this beautifully detailed account, Bushe helps the reader understand how generative change works like ju-jitsu; rather than fighting against existing natural energy for change, it focuses and amplifies it. Read this and you’ll never try forcing change from the top-down or outside-in again.
Dr. Andrew Day

Former Head of Ashridge Consulting; Partner, Metalogue and author, Disruption, Change and Transformation in Organisations

I was able to take away plenty of practical insights that I have applied to good effect in my client work. I would recommend this book to experienced practitioners, or those are starting out, who are interested in the rapidly developing practice of Dialogic OD.

Praise for Hosting Generative Change

Trevor Durnford

Chair, International Association of Facilitators (IAF)

"Change the way people think and things will never be the same” epitomizes the impact that Mark McKergow has had over the years. I have every confidence that in years to come, his most recent profound work about hosting will become common knowledge and practice.
Chris Corrigan

Steward of the Art of Hosting and author, The Tao of Open Space

Mark provides essential counsel on the design and preparation of dialogic spaces. Written for people who are deepening their hosting practice, even experienced hosts will want to keep this book close at hand.

Praise for The Team Discovered

Peter Block

Author of Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used and Community: The Structure of Belonging

The Team Discovered breathes fresh energy into the field of Organization Development. It makes the case for the integration of analyzing the world and experiencing the world—both of which are needed to act on the world. It is a welcome antidote to the longing for structured, predictable, and measurable interventions. It is a pleasure to recommend that you read this book.
Joe Garbus

Chief Talent and Inclusion Officer, Marsh

Finally, a very clear, practical connection between the truly dynamic, diverse nature of team success versus the worn, mechanistic models that get us only partway there. Bratt’s easy handling of complex content brings intellectual depth and precision with a practitioner’s experience of the real world to help teams be successful in the ways they need to be.

Praise for From Physical Place to Virtual Space

Gurleen Knight

Global Head of HR CoE’s, NEC Corporation

I've been searching for new thinking that disrupts traditional OD models without losing their essence, but still allows me to explore, develop and design for my current workspace. This is a welcome pragmatic and insightful addition to exploring the world of Dialogic OD in virtual space and beyond. I've already marked the chapters that I will be revisiting.
Martin Gilbraith,

Past Chair, International Association of Facilitators (IAF), London UK

A valuable resource. This book provides a fascinating insight into Dialogic OD and many of the practical tips have broader application to other facilitation approaches and platforms.

Praise for Co-Creating Planning Teams for Dialogic OD

Mike Burrows

Authour, Agendashift: Outcome Oriented Change and Continuous Transformation

I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah's book. It's a practical guide to those awkward early stages. When and how to engage, traps to avoid, and how to recognise when your best option may be to withdraw. The centerpiece: an authentic and helpfully detailed case study, warts and difficult moments included. Highly recommended.
Steve Hearsum

Associate, Mayvin Consulting and Co-Chair, European OD Network

Had a read and... love it. Seriously, I am not prone to language like that unless I mean it. This is a practical, pragmatic and useful book that helps consultants and practitioners by both explaining and offering suggestions, steps and approaches they can experiment with, whilst building a compelling case for why many of these are not to be skipped over. It takes some of the gnarliest challenges and offers suggestions that are eminently practical.

Praise for Initiating and Inviting Generative Change: Entry and Contracting for Emergent Outcomes in Results Driven Organizations

Edgar Schein

Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management

With many concrete examples and clear concepts, this short book does a wonderful job of showing how the practitioner functions from the beginning to the end of a project in a dialogic mode to build, maintain, and use the personal relationship that is developed with the client into a joint learning and action process.
Diana Whitney

Co-Founder, The Taos Institute and co-author, The Appreciative Inquiry Handbook

Tova Averbuch’s book...has much to offer that is new, easily understandable and immediately useful. This book is a must read and must use text for anyone seeking to practice Dialogic OD.

Praise for Change Champions: A Dialogic Approach to Creating an Inclusive Culture

Yabome Gilpin-Jackson PhD

VP, People Equity and Inclusion, Simon Fraser University and author of "Transformation after Trauma: The Power of Resonance"

This book outlines a roadmap to working with Change Champions but in the way only the KJCG team can do, it simplifies the complexity to provide clear and practical descriptions of the journey to spreading and embedding a sense of belonging and agency across whole systems. This is a must-read for students and those in the mastery stage of their Organization Development craft.
Michael Ali PhD

VP of Engineering Operations, Saratech

This book is a real “How to” on organizing a successful change initiative. It gives stages, steps, theory, practice, and real-world examples and lessons learned from experience (the need for two levels of Executive Sponsorship is a great example). Highly recommended for any stage of the journey.